More Cars on the Road, Less Competent Drivers

I recently read in Time magazine that roundabouts are becoming a huge success in the US. They have approximately 1000 roundabouts over there. I know at least 10 roundabouts in the city Helsingborg, where I live. 

I am forced to idle thus forced to kill the Earth

I really understand the popularity of the roundabout; it is time efficient (no idling), good for the environment (no idling) and sometimes they are even pretty, decorated with ornaments and the occasional roundabout dog (Swedes had a tradition of putting a dog in the center of the roundabout, not a real one obviously). So far so good.

But what is the point of having a roundabout if people cannot show where they are going. Yes, I am speaking of something as fundamental as an indicator. By turning on your indicator just before exiting the roundabout you can inform people that you are on your way out thus leaving space for other vehicles to enter the roundabout. This is what I have learnt to do in driving school, but older and more "skilled" drivers seem to think it is cool not to show where you are going.

I realize when I write this that I am starting to sound like a grumpy old man although I am just 20. But come on people, the point of roundabouts is to decrease, and often eliminate, idling time but by not showing where you are going I am forced to idle thus forced to kill the Earth. I usually find myself stopping although I had not needed to, had the incompetent driver just used his indicators. I do not mind starting and stopping a lot (but Al Gore does) but I rather cruise at constant speed than to stop when I really do not have to.


Pontus said...

Uou speak the truth brother. Although the enviroment can sit on something sharp as far as I am concerned I hate being forced to stop when it's really not neccesary. It hurts my mojo.

Ruub said...

Yeah, it hurts my mojo to. That's why I will equip my future car with gadgets like missiles, smoke grenades etc. If they are ego, I can be too!