VAIO Photo Elite Contest

Readers who don't check out my twitter messages (to the right) will not know that I've entered the VAIO Photo Elite competition on Club VAIO's website. But now you know. The rules are simple: since VAIO is celebrating their 10th anniversary you should upload a picture that describes the recent ten years of your life. Feel free to upload as many photos you like. It should also contain the VAIO logo somehow. And, oh... don't forget that the photo(s) should have something to do with celebration. Right. And who decides who will win? I guess I’ll find that one out.

 Just to check out the competition I entered the gallery and looked at some of the "elite" photos already uploaded. Most of them were rubbish, futile attempts to paste a VAIO computer into sunsets, under the paws of puppies, in citrus trees… and so on. Most of the photos did not meet the above criteria so I decided to just upload some of my favourite photos.

 So why are there so many desperate attempts to win? Anyone know of Sony’s Alpha series? Two (very) lucky winners will win a Sony Alpha 900, a digital SLR camera with a whopping 24.6 Megapixels, a specially built CMOS sensor and it can take 5 pictures per second. Wow. And that’s why I have uploaded not less than 10 pictures so far. There are also 6 Sony DSC-H10, with 8.1 Megapixels and 10x optical zoom, which you can win.  

 But since most of the competitors are from Germany, there is a quite good chance that the winners will be able to take better pictures of sausages than before. But I won’t give up since 5 of my photos have been in the Hall of Fame (Top 30) and thrown out of there. Nevertheless, here are some of my photos, including the Tassi (cat) versus VAIO photo shot!


Pont said...

You named your cat "Tassi"? Bcause.. you like when even your cat is bullied by its friends? BTW home between 29th and 2nd of nov.

Ruub said...

Me being ten at the time, and my sister seven, we thought it was quite cute. Anywho, thanks for pointing out you're coming home. Guess that's about when Malin comes home too.

Malin said...

YES! 31st to 8th. I need to study a lot that week. I'll probably just eat cinnamon buns and hang out with the dog instead.

Pont' said...

Dude, you were gay when you were ten!