I Do Not Know Anything About Companies but…

… isn't it strange that Sony Ericsson will fire 2 000 people although the company didn't do as bad as predicted in the fourth quarter 2008? What's even more disturbing is that Posten (Swedish Post) is charging one more SEK for every letter you send, while the CEO of Posten earns 900 000 SEK a month (~€83 211, £77 832 or $107 759). Last year Volvo fired 4 000 people but the CEO still rewards himself with 1.8 million SEK a month (~€166 423, £155 665 or $215 518). Skånetrafiken (responsible for public transport in southern Sweden) has increased prices by 2 SEK per trip (about 240 SEK more for my occasional trips but much more for commuters). Isn't that stupid to do since it's less expensive to take the car, thus polluting the air, thus contributing to global warming, and then the Earth explodes and we all die?

Something tells me they got it right in the East: Toyota cut the annual bonus of the 10 000 bosses in the company by 10% and reducing production in their luxury daughter company Lexus. Samsung will survive this economy crisis by cutting bosses wages with 20% and re-structure the company into two separate parts.

Why make the rich richer? How much is a CEO's work really worth? Aren't football players a bit overpaid too? And how much would you pay me to see me kick a leather ball in fishing net attached to white poles? Huh?!

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