Song of November 2009

This month is going to be a bit special. I have a song for the month BUT I will also publish one of my favourite Spotify playlists. I constantly change my playlists in Spotify but there are two of which I'm particularly fond of. But first the song of the month. Studying has been more intense now than before (anatomy, biochemistry - ATP generation in particular, and some muscle fysiology). So the music has to be relatively calm, melodic and contain no lyrics. Easy, it has to be classic music or soundtrack. What better than the amazing soundtrack of Lord of the Rings? When the movies came out what struck me the most was the fantastic soundtrack, written by Howard Shore. In combination with the amazing scenery of New Zealand it makes the movies amazing. The song I've choosen of the many good ones from this particular soundtrack is from the third movie, The Return of the King, called Into the West. It features one of the most beautiful piano passages and the overall theme just makes you feel good. One interesting thing is that it has a beginning very similar to the theme from For Your Eyes Only (a James Bond movie). But on another note, here is my Rock & Blues playlist which is one of my favourite playlists. I think my dad will like it too! Until next month!

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