Pizza Dreams

It's a warm summers day. The weather is too good for anything but a cold beer at a street corner café. As I drink the first gulps of my beer I realize that a friend from school sits next to me and looks out over the traffic. Not only is it odd to see him but he also drinks a beer which is unusual since he is a teetotaler. Not knowing what to say I continue drinking my beer and watch the cars pass by. My friends reaction to his encounter with alcohol results in him throwing a piece of cheese into the traffic. I've seen much worse things happening to people as a result of alcohol but disturbingly the car, avoiding the piece of cheese, skids up the pavement and hits a man leaning against the wall. I am not certain of what happened and I cannot remember what happened to the poor guy. I vaguely recall that he was already dead before the car hit him.

Wandering up a hill I see a couple of parked cars with the same number plate. Odd again. A man stood cleaning one of the cars and he saw me watching him. He amazingly understood exactly what I was thinking and replied that he owned all of the cars, and that was why there only needed to be one number plate for all of them. His argument seemed reasonable enough to continue the steep climb up the hill (which I now think is somewhere in Gothenburg). At the top I started to hear voices. I could not hear what they were saying but they seemed friendly and they were not talking to me.

This is where I wake up, take a sip of water, and still hear voices. No worries dear reader, just my roommates greeting each other in the corridor. Conclusion: pizza (and maybe exam nerves) give you strange dreams.

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