Sweden (Pictures from Europe)

I haven't seen the movie but the title is really catchy. The photos and text written are not really a universal blast from the past but rather a blast from my past, so hang on.

Welcome to the year... 2004! Well, the reason for going back just 3.5 years is that I bought my first (and only) camera that year (Mustek DV-4000). Text and stories are fun on their own but pictures really add the extra dimension to memories.

The panorama above is from Gullbranna in Halmstad, Sweden (56°35'10.37" N, 12°56'25.17" E), where we had violin camp a couple of times. Actually I don't remember that much from the camp, but it sure was beautiful.

I and my sister went to another violin camp that year: Bohus-Malmön's International Violin Course. Apart from meeting wonderful people the view was magnificent.

One thing you might observe when travelling from south to north along the west coast is that beaches will disappear and be replaced by rocks and cliffs (58°20'36.49" N, 11°20'34.61" E) and (58°20'54.06" N, 11°20'10.74" E).

The great thing with this international violin camp was that I could meet new people from other countries, such as Belgium. To be honest there were only Belgians and Swedes but still international. Another great thing when communicating with Belgian people is to have a Belgian mother. I happen to have just that.

(I have tons of more pictures but as I have not asked for my friends consent in presenting these pictures they will not be uploaded yet)

So let's see my hometown: Helsingborg.

Dunkers house of Arts in the northern part of Helsingborg (56°02'50.13" N, 12°41'19.87" E).

And the goddess of the Sea by Carl Milles is also situated in the northern parts of Helsingborg (56°02'42.01" N, 12°41'25.60" E).

And last but not least the Helsingborg Town Hall (56°02'45.93" N, 12°41'35.65" E).


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

Teo said...

Makes me miss hope a bit Ruub, keep up the good work