Åbent Hus (SDU – Odense)

That's an interesting title for those of you who aren't Scandinavian or didn't take a Danish language course just for fun. It really means 'open house day' and SDU-Odense is one of Denmark's largest universities. Actually I have given up the hope of being able to choose a university quite long ago, since I don't have top grades and I want to be a neurologist (brain doctor). But it is always nice to visit the university just to get a feeling for it. Odense has a really modern look but despite this it feels rather dark inside. When we reached the top floor during the guided tour it felt like we were in a cellar. Funnily enough they have huge windows, but apparently the choice of colours (brown and rust red) makes it feel darker, which actually bothers me a bit. The point of building a modern campus would, in my opinion, be to make it as light as possible.

The people at the medicine stand were nice and overall Odense seems to be a good place to study. The city (located about 5 km from the campus) is medium sized and has many shops and restaurants. Not that a full-time student will ever have that much money or time, but the amount of places you could spend your time/money feels important nonetheless.

Other important things I've just done are: passing my driving theory test, completing my application for Danish universities, and reading the newspaper backwards.

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