Computer Up and Running

Finally! My new HDD has arrived and all my most used software has been installed. Everything is running smoothly. Before I post pictures from my families Stockholm trip I have some other news to share:

  1. Bad news first, I got unsuccessful from all my applications in UK. Does not bother me so much now as I got other options. Funny thing is staff of Cardiff should have a few more geography lessons, or perhaps reading lessons. The first letter from Cardiff was sent to me, my street address, my city... and Denmark. Since I live in Sweden (the long country next to Denmark) I laughed a bit at their mistake. The second letter, however, was still sent to me, my street address, my city... but under this information a handwritten "Norway" was crossed out and replaced by "Sweden". This really got me wondering, since the whole UCAS application is computer based... how hard can it be (aah, the first Jeremy Clarkson quote) to get it right?
  2. And good news: I passed my driving test on my first go! However it was ridiculously simple so no need to cheer, people. If I really told you how simple the test was I might get murdered by people who failed their first attempt.

Next up: Stockholm Trip 2008 (with full colour pictures!)


Malin said...

Förresten. Om du inte redan använder det finns Google Analytics som visar hur många som besöker bloggen och rätt mycket mer. Bl.a. har en Texasbo (från Dallas) besökt mig. Spännande!

Fast jag blir lätt lite paranoid av det.

Jos said...

ridiculously simple because you're a ridiculously good driver, of course. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Study in Belgium, bitch, (got a nice ring to it "Belgium, bitch" - not that you're a bitch or anything *cough*) and I'll visit! Maybe I'll come to Odense too but I prefer chocolate over marzipan.

Lots of love