Stockholm 2008 Day 3

With nothing planned for the day except the trip home, we took it easy and started off with breakfast and other necessary stuff. Since we were supposed to check out quite early our first stop was the central station and lockers big enough for our suitcases. We also decided we wanted to revisit some places where we were reminded that we had forgotten our cameras or just were freezing too much to stop walking. It was still cold as hell, so when the National Museum opened we were among the first inside. Of course we started by trying out their café.

No need to say the national museum had some amazing paintings. As long as it is not modern art you almost certainly will find something that you like. I fell for a Swedish artist, Anders Zorn, which has painted the neutral "Midsommar Dans". When we began to tire of all the paintings it was almost time to return to the central station. A seafood wrap was bought as lunch and Gerald Seymour's A Line in the Sand was the means of entertainment for the trip back home.

So that is it for now. Next Up: Who knows?!

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