MCQ Odense

I am back and alive. Not that I shouldn't be but thought you would want to know. Anyway, IB math exam tomorrow, which is fairly exciting as Paper 1 is without calculator this year. Suppose I have to use that grey matter inside my head. I had to use it quite recently actually. This weekend I spent in Odense, doing a multiple choice test (MCQ is for multiple choise questions) and getting a feel for the city. And it is nice, although I and my dad were greeted with a thunder storm.

I had a feeling it went rather well but better not celebrate yet as I heard that there were over 2000 people to take the test. Yikes. Maybe it is an effect of the 80's baby boom or the fact that applying to Swedish uni's (and apparently Norwegian too) is like playing the lottery. Good news for IB students though: http://www.hsv.se/publikationerarkiv/lagarochregler/hogskoleverketsforeskrifter/199622.4.5b73fe55111705b51fd8000964.html. This link will take you to the new regulations set by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education. Using the new rules I get a score of 19.95 out of 20.0 (based on expected retake results). Not bad.

Back to studying I guess.

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