2008 – The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

Well, first of all it is quite hard to have a dialogue when we even don't know we're supposed to have one. Second, the dialogue only seems to be between France and the UK, which probably won't lead to much news. I on the other hand had a proper dialogue with the closest neighbour, Denmark. I went there for my interview and learned among other things that Danes are particularly fond of staring into a blank wall for two hours before the interview and two hours after the interview. Or at least that's what they let us do.

I actually understand that they didn't want us to upload interview instructions to the internet (though I doubt they would be of any use to others), but why not solve the long wait with a nice tour round their fantastic facilities? It probably was a stress test (and I might have failed that one) to see who breaks first. I didn't break but got mildly upset and hungry since I obviously hadn't bothered to read the final sentence on the info-papers sent to me: "Bring something to eat since there will be a quite bit of waiting".

Another thing I've come across as strange is the fact that Vaio has called me more than my friends the last two weeks. I called them since my rubber foot on my laptop has come off. They sent me a new one (of the wrong sort) but they are very keen to follow this one up. They have apparently sent me a new one of the right kind and bothers to phone me every other day to check if it has arrived and if I am happy with their support so far. Not much to complain about and not much for Vaio to do, I say, just put it in an envelope and post it to my address. I really wish Samsung would care about all the M5 and M6 HDD's braking down, as much as Vaio cares of their customers.

That's it for this EYID special, so get out there and talk to foreigners in your native tongue like you don't care, start a war or something, like I care what you do. :D一点

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