Silent Majority Speak Up

After one and a half year out on the market, Vista has had some though time. I myself was forced to upgrade due to lack of hard disk drive support in my XP OEM version. You often see top 5 reasons not to buy Windows Vista (1 it costs too much, wait… this is not what I intend to do). One of the reasons used to be that Vista was not entirely trouble free.

So maybe it is time just to accept that Vista has come to stay

A recent poll by CNET.com shows that 49% have no problems at all (the remaining 51% do not have Vista or they do have problems with the operating system). Mac sect members might think that Gates' new job is to skew polls in favor of Microsoft. I do not think so, but I know that Steve Ballmer is employed to throw Macs on the ground (shame on him).

So maybe it is time just to accept that Vista has come to stay. It really runs smoothly on my computer and I do not miss XP a bit. Here is my list of things that has improved over XP:

  • Looks (obviously). Animations are so nice.
  • Speed. Norton 360, Office 2007 and IE7 run much faster on Vista than XP (Vista on 5400 rpm hdd vs. XP on 7200 rpm hdd). And my boot time has decreased from 2 minutes to 1:15.
  • Search feature on start panel. Comes in really handy and is my favorite way of starting programs or accessing bookmarked web pages.
  • Media. Although Media Player 11 feels bulkier than it did on XP, the new Media Center has improved much in terms of usability. Personally I still prefer CyberLink PowerCinema but the Windows version has improved much.
  • Security. Oh, here we go. Microsoft showed in their report that Vista had fewer security leaks than OS X or Linux. We cannot know that this is for sure but the built in HDD encryption is a fact, and it's good.

Since I do have more important things to do, this list will have to suffice for now although I am sure I could list a few more promising features in Vista. Please feel free to comment and tell me if I am wrong. To my friends running OS X: I use Vista, and I like it!

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