In the Supermarket

Today I decided to do my shopping in Mästerlivs. It is a supermarket but it has range of unusual provisions which you are not likely to find in any other supermarket. Unfortunately they apparently lack some common provisions, like raisins. This is a translated conversation between me and one of their employees (obviously not of the month):

  • Excuse me, where do you have the raisins?
  • They are on the shelf to the right of you, waist high.
  • That's dried plumes.
  • That's the only kind of raisins we have.
  • Ok (interested and a little scared). Do you have… dried grapes?
  • We have dried fruit over there (pointing to the fruit section).
  • Ok. Thank you. (I paid for the rest and got the hell out of there)

Tomorrow I will hand in my CV to Mästerlivs with an added ability: "Can distinguish between raisins and dried prunes."

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