I'm Not a Geek

In a response to Pont's latest blogpost, I am not a geek. So, to prove it I have to postpone my Vista slipstream special and post some more photos. I tried to come up with a story based on a ridiculous claim by a Israeli Communist speaking on Swedish radio: "There should be no ownership". Great idea, nuthead. Redefine "theft", please. Maybe I will discuss this in a later post, first VAIO Photo Elite. 

I have brought this up before, and I cannot stop thinking about how sweet a Sony Alpha 900 would be (only one left to win now) so I keep posting photos every week hoping that quantity will solve my lack in quality. All editing done in Paint.NET, (the first image is a HDR and was merged by Photomatix Pro 3.0) by the way, so now you know what you can do (and should not do).

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