My 40th Post: Win a netbook

So it's not me supplying the Acer Aspire One. But hey, I've done the test and thought I could give you the answers in a good samaritan (or cheatin' bastard) kind of way. As you might notice the questions are in Swedish.
  1. The laptop thrown from a brigde lands bottom first.
  2. The laptop falls apart into 4 separate pieces.
  3. The skatetop (skateboard made from a laptop) does not break.
  4. The skater successfully skates on the skatetop (without falling off)
  5. The screen on the netbook dropped in water goes out immediately when it touches the water. 
  6. Describe, using a maximum of 20 words, the best way to use a netbook when it is not turned on (as a frisbee, coaster etc.)
Good luck and happy 40th post!

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