The Filborna Map

No, I haven't spent the last week shopping for Christmas presents. I happen to believe that Christmas I overrated, especially Christmas presents (To all my family: you can give me money and presents any day of the year!) What I've actually spent time doing (and a very long time, thank you) is to build a map for the game Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. If you love thrillers and have not read the book (Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy) you should do it during your Christmas holiday. The game uses the Unreal Engine 2 and that means that the Unreal Editor 2 is now on my top tree most used programs. I wouldn't say it is the most user-friendly of programs but most things actually works.

So where or what is Filborna? It is my previous school. A number of students have tried to put it on fire but amazingly it still stands (considering IKEA built it it's a miracle) and I have always wanted to make a map for my favourite game. Now it has reached a beta stage (basically it means: it works but just barely) and so I decided to post a download link to the beta version. The map has only been tested with Raven Shield 1.6 so I would recommend using that version. Read about known problems below:

  • No breakable windows (but I hope to fix this a.s.a.p).
  • No textures behind windows.
  • Hall-of-mirrors-effect in some rooms.
  • Proportions are a bit off (not going to fix this).
  • More static mesh is needed to make the map look realistic.
  • Update1
  • Lack of Path Nodes (working on that)
  • Minimum number of terrorists is 31 (isn't that great!)
  • Terrorists spawn in the same place every time (working on that)

But on the whole the map is playable (31 terrorists in place) and if you like Raven Shield and have been in the Filborna School you should enjoy this. I will post the final version when it's ready.



Pontus said...

Isn't it pinguin misspelled? should it not be penguin? I'm asking. And it's two face btw, he has style.

Ruub said...

Your absolutely right! Changed now.