17 Days till Lift Off

No, I am not going to be the first person in space (I am apparently 48 years too late). The metaphorical rocket I am writing about is going to somewhere a lot smaller than space, somewhere they speak a language resembling Swedish spoken with a swollen tongue and severe toothache, somewhere my money is worth much less: Denmark. Actually I am very excited about studying in Denmark. There will be cultural and language complications of course but I will finally have a life (get a life they told me but who's laughing now)!
This means I will have considerably less time to blog and I will probably rant more about dead bodies, blood and all the diseases I will discover I am suffering from. But don't worry I will definitely squeeze in some more photo tutorials and other stuff. As you might have noticed I have been very interested in photography lately and my interest will increase when I finally buy a D-SLR this summer. The reason I don't buy one now is simply that the D-SLR will act as bait and I will reward myself with it if I pass this year's exams!
In order to have something reoccurring to blog about I am going to use my other big interest: music. Each month I will post a song and a brief explanation of why this song is important to me. In the end of 2009 I will have posted 12 songs and maybe you can vote for your favourite. I haven't really thought this through but I am very excited.
Next up: How to take photographs of the moon… with a compact!

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