First Day at SDU

My first day at medical school is over. Or not really, I still have 3 essays on Hypermobiltas articulorum to read. Yes, from now on I will show off my latin skillz (like I had any) whenever I get the chance. Interesting day though; I started the day by coming late to my first lecture (which was more of a morale boosting welcome "yes you can"), then a small discussion two and two, to get to know each other. We were then introduced to the task ahead (write a five page essay together [groups of 4-5 this time) based on the articles on Hypermobilitas articulorum). I am sure we will complete our task with merit. Then the tour, ending with body parts in formalin followed by lunch. Tasty curry chicken sandwich, fruit and water. More discussion and explanation and that was about it.
Tomorrow we'll have a real lecture on Life, Health and Disease (very roughly translated) and very much can be brought up within those loose boundaries. Still, we are a few who really look forward to real lectures (although in Danish) so it should be fun.
Hopefully you can see pictures of my recently bought books (Essential Cell Biology, Cellular Physiology, First Aid and Documenta Physiologica) and my anatomy study cards. There is also an arty view from my window. When I get a real internet connection (in 2 weeks) I will post the full size ones.


Pont' said...

"Life, Health and Disease"? Isn't that kind of the point of med school? The ENTIRE point of med-school? Are you a doctor when you've finished this course?

Ruub said...

It's an introduction course to cell biology. Don't think I'm a doctor in 2 months no. But with the printed certificate it might work. I'll keep you updated.