Wild Nights in Odense

No, I haven't actually been out partying much. Mostly because I'm not a party person, and second the first weeks have been quite hard, in terms of studying. Organic chemistry has never been my strongest side. In fact I found a way to get around the hard organic chemistry questions on the final exams (you simply choose kinetics, equilibrium or something else fun). But now I cannot escape, so it seems I have to put a little more effort into my reading.

The title then refers to my stay at Danhostel in the centre of Odense. And with centre I mean next to the central station. Actually Ă–stre Stationsvej seems to be one of the most favoured routes by ambulances, police and firetrucks. So my nights were calm (and sleepless) but some other people surely had a lot of action. What's good is that I now can sleep through almost anything. I'm off to celebrate my sisters 18th birthday but you can see some Norweigian humour about their Danish language. Hilarious if you're not from Denmark.

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