Song of February 2009

With two days to go 'till March I thought I would announce this month's song. This month has been mostly 70's music and mostly Genesis' albums like The Lamb Lay Down on Broadway and The Trick of the Tail. First I was thinking of Ripples by Genesis but then I thought of the song I've actually listened the most to: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen (OPEN in Spotify). It's from their album Jazz and it's been my alarm signal for the last month or so. I've probably listened to the first 10 seconds before snoozing and falling asleep again, but still I think it's a really good song. It's not as alternative as Bicycle Race or Bohemian Rhapsody and it's just so Queen. I believe Don't Stop Me Now was voted the best driving song on the not-so-factual-anymore Top Gear. And if I had a car I would definitely listen to it while driving.

Second I want to post a picture of my new room. It's in the centre of Odense, 5 min walk to their shopping street (Vestergade), 15 min on bike to the Uni and around 15 min to the University Hospital. There are three food stores, a bank, bus stop (busses go to a shopping centre, Uni and University Hospital) and a brewery within a radius of 500 meters from my apartment. Nice! The photo is actually several photos stitched together to get this faux wide angle shot of my room (there's a lot of garbage in the picture which I will remove shortly).

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