Song of March 2009

So there we are, about 75% of 2009 left. On the upside 2009 sucks less now compared to before. On the downside I have much less free time. So I will keep this short. The song of March is as alternative as the previous songs: Don't Bring Me Down with Electric Light Orchestra (OPEN with Spotify). It's the last track from their album Discovery, which was released in 1979. I like it so much I've listened to it at least once every day for the past month. In a week I will return to Sweden and be 100% blogger.


Malin said...

HAHA! My parents love ELO so I had to grow up listening to them. I sort of like Mr Blue Sky. And find that VERY embarrassing.

Malin said...

Hey there, Mr Blue!

Ruub said...

"why did you have to hide away for sooo long..."