Wednesday Afternoon

Initiator proteins. Helicase. Some protein keeping DNA strands apart. DNA polymerase. Oh, end of lesson. Not raining anymore. Took the bus here so have to take the bus home as well. Wow, that's a lot of people waiting for the bus. Poor girl, that laughter is a turn off. Have a lot of embryology to read when I get home. Embryology. Wonder how many points that is in scrabble. Why do I care I haven't played scrabble for ages. Finally, the bus arrives. Got to look cool while pressing the bus card against the stupid reader. Come on read the stupid card! No place to sit. Just got to stand up for 20 minutes. Wow, the chauffeur is really stressed now. Impressive taking that turn at that speed. Maybe his reckless driving will cause a crash and I have to save them all with basic life support. Cool. With loads of Hollywood-like explosions and people crying. Dammit, that was my stop. Have to walk a bit then. Hmm, what should I have for dinner. Chicken with rice, chicken with pasta or chicken with bread. No wait, I have fish as well. Chicken with fish, that's it.

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