Song of April 2009

AUGCCTTACGTTCCCGCCTTAATTGCCTGGTCTGGAAATGTACTGTGCCCAATTGGGGGCTGAATGCTGAAGCCTTT is the gene that codes for the protein which makes me dislike long random sequences. You would think that ACTC codes for the gene that makes you love the song Thunderstruck. But apparently it's a part of the gene that codes for the protein that makes me go "Aaah" when I burn myself. I haven't been able to map the gene that codes for the protein which makes me feel undecided about this month's song. But I'm aware that my song choices so far have been alternative and mostly oldies. I therefore thought of Pendulum's new hit Propane Nightmares, a drum and bass song that's probably their best song so far (not that I've heard all their songs). But then I thought I should continue the alternative theme I've chosen. A few years back I discovered my parents LP collection and I found ABBA, Mozart, Bach, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, many more and my father's favourite band Genesis. The LP album I found was A Trick of the Tail which now is my favourite Genesis album. From that album my favourite song is Ripples (OPEN in Spotify) so I guess that is the song of April. Back to genes, cells, embryos and cookies.

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