Bing: A New Search Engine

I know my posts are not evenly spread over time. But this time it's a short one. Some of you have been following the Yahoo! and Microsoft drama. It's been going on for a long time and I sort of lost interest. Now it seems they have some sort of agreement going on where Yahoo! is supposed to drop it's search engine for Microsofts new one, called Bing. We all know that MSN search sucks but Bing is really interesting. Among others it's picture search is great. You can search for pictures, as in Google, but when you click a link the webbpage opens up inside of the search page. Yes, pretty much like Google, but you can still see the other search results in a bar to the left, thus eliminating the need to backspace if you want to click another link. You can also preview videos from MySpace and YouTube by hovering your mouse over the video. Pretty neat! Still, Google gives the most relevant search results but Bing could be a contender.

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