Song of July 2009

Already time for a new song to be posted and now it's only one week of my summer vacation left. This month I've listened to much music but not so much to Spotify as I used to since I got a new mp3 player when I was in Belgium. I have now transfered around 9 Gb of songs and re-ripped much of my CD library in better quality mp3s (yes, I'm listening to music in 192 kbps now!!). I also took the time to download some free iTunes songs I got from Coca Cola. One of these songs was Fire by Kasabian from their album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. It's the usual Kasabian/Kings of Leon style of singing/mumbling but always with a catchy refrain which has been stuck in my head for most of July. Listen to it here on Spotify.

Also check out some of my new pictures. Unfortunately you have to be a Flickr member to comment but I think anyone can comment on Picasa (not uploaded to Picasa yet). Click links in the header (above), note that not all pictures are posted on both sites due to space restrictions and lack of time. Enjoy!


Hilde said...

Hej Ruben !
Schitterende foto's !!
Vooral die van Gothenburg doet mij heimwee krijgen naar de mooie tijd in Zweden ;o)
Congratulations with your study results !!
How are you doing in Denmark?
Greetz, Hilde uit Berlare (Belgium)

Ruub said...

Hej Hilde!
Dankuwel! I'm doing just fine in Denmark. I'm currently living in centrum of Odense, a medium sized city, with two other medical students. And it's easy to study when you have good friends :D. If you want you can contact me on ruben.la.clae@gmail.com.
Greetz, Ruben uit Odense :D