Song of October 2009

With less than 2 months 'til 2010 I realize I'm starting to slack on the blogging. But after a weekend full of youtube watching and some photographing I have no reason not to post the song of october... which I have known for quite a while. Looking back at the music I've posted so far I also noticed that I haven't choosen one single classical piece, which is odd, since I find myself listening to classical music the most, as it's excellent to listen to while studying. As I was studying for my genetics exam (which I had last week) I listened to the song of october, 2009. I also listened to it on the flight to Glasgow, earlier in october and it seems to be extremely good at calming me down when I'm feeling tense.

The song of october 2009 is one of my favourite pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and was written in 1791. One of the reasons I like it is because it's calm, unlike many of Mozart's rather fastpaced music. The song of october 2009 is the Clarinet Concerto in A K622. There's not too much more to say (unless you're a music history buff) so please listen to it here.

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