Heard @ the Airport

Airport security: Is this your jacket, sir?

Me: Yes, it's mine.

Airport security: Please follow me, sir.

I followed the security person on my socks, since other security personnel were busy examining my shoes for shoebombs or if the smell could be lethal (which wouldn't suprise me at all).

Airport security: We saw something strange on the x-ray, sir.

Me: Ok...

The security person felt my jacket for bumps and found one and suddenly...

Airport security: What's this?!

I opened the inside pocket of the jacket and showed him my cardholder.

Me: It's a cardholder.

Airport security: What do you use it for?

Me: I store credit cards in it.

I opened the cardholder to show him the cards. He took one out (to test it for sharpness?) and soon put it back, a little disappointed that I wasn't one of those bad guys he'd seen in the movies as a little boy.

Airport security: Ok, that's fine. You can go, sir.

Sure I could have killed someone with my VISA that day, but lucky for the cabin crew I didn't feel like it (busy vomiting in a brown paper bag).


sb said...

They never stop me. What makes you more bad then me?

Ruub said...

Fluffy two-layered jacket, probably.

Malin said...

DIN PASSBILD! (el körkortsbild) Ruben Larsson; massmördare, sexförbrytare, djurplågare (söta kattungar och sådant) och allmänt ond. Jag ser bara sne (som i sne, inte arg) ut på min.

Ruub said...

Precis! Men allt kommer bli bättre nu när mitt gamla pass går ut. Min nya passbild är helgalen och mina fingeravtryck formar siffrorna 666 på varje pekfinger...