WWAN, Why You Should Not Use It

I now can tell you first hand why you should avoid WWAN, also known as 3G broadband, mobile broadband and the like. It is awsome… in theory. It is awesome…. when it works. But as it only works 50-60% of the time the monthly fee of “woah-you-pay-THAT-for-broadband” starts to scare you more than that creature that lives under your bathroom sink.

I know this because I have it. Yes, I admit it, it was foolish on the same scale as colouring your hair pink or invading Iraq. On 3’s homepage it says that there will be some rate-loss when you are moving (like in a car, plane, boat, bus, spacecraft…) or if you are in a rural area with bad connectivity. I am sitting on my arse in central Odense (which would be considered rural if you’re from London, New York or other cities of similar size) which is supposed to have great connectivity. But I’m still waiting for a clip to load on youtube, that I clicked half a decade ago! A quick speed test gives me a download-rate of 17% of the speed I’m supposed to get. Not OK. But 3’s support thinks it’s OK. So I warn you: don’t do WWAN. Since most teenagers would kill themselves without instant 24/7 access to facebook and youtube, this is actually a health warning… from your future doctor. Don’t do WWAN. It might kill you (or slowly ruin you, while the rest of the world is laughing at that email the boss sent last week but is still downloading on your computer… don’t do WWAN).

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Florentine said...

Thank you so much! This is crucial information for those who prefer their internet to function properly!