Bizarre Art and the Japanese Food

As my sister's off to the Economics Course in Italy, I and my family decided to spend the entire Sunday in Copenhagen. Apparently there is a modern art museum just outside Copenhagen (close to Ishøj) called Arken. I'm not much for modern art, but Louisiana (also in Denmark) actually does impress me… sometimes. Arken didn't. As it is called Arken it is designed as a boat, but it looks newly painted and smells funny although it has been there for some years.

Actually, my collapsed body in blood would have blended in like nothing else

To get to the coat room and the toilets you had to climb down stairs that looked like a fire escape and the toilets looked like small prisons. But now on to the art; their main exhibition (if you can call it that) was called Nordic Lights. I felt so dark I could have killed myself. Actually, my collapsed body in blood would have blended in like nothing else into that cold environment. I felt sick and my lens decided to pop out; the timing was perfect. My dad commented on a picture of a forest. He thought it great to name the photo Forrest. Then there was another picture of a boy doing a number one into a river. It was called Ohne title which roughly translates Untitled. Brilliantly imaginative. We left pretty soon, having laughed at how obscene it would have been to give the finger to the receptionist and say: "Finger".

We had already decided in beforehand to eat lunch at Sushi'n'Sticks. It doesn't sound fancy but I like to think it is as it is quite pricey. The food there was delicious as it always is and we walked away a little happier. Even the sun broke through after all the raining.


Pontus said...

Wouldn't it have been more fun to drop your pants and say "penis"? That's the shit, you'll remeber when the revolution is over and we are all dead.

Ruub said...

Well, acutally you're right! It would have been more fun.

Belén said...

One should not forget that J.K. Rowling ended the most well-read book series of our time with the sentence "All was well". Simplicity is not a foreign instrument to capture beauty.

Ruben said...

I absolutely agree with belén, simplicity is sometimes more, but I rather pay for a well written book (as a whole, not only the last sentence) than for the entrance to a modern museum with art that could have, theoretically, been created by a four-year-old or an animal. I just can't connect to it, and art is supposed to connect with the average man/woman not with art experts.

And you have to agree that the Harry Potter books are quite complex, although they are easy to read.

Pontus said...

Penis beats simplicity any day of the week. The Penis is awesome.